Innovation in Industrial Kitchen Equipment

Innovation in Industrial Kitchen Equipment

When it comes to industrial kitchen equipment in UAE, Al Arz and the word innovation are equally connected. With depth of inhouse products for industrial kitchen equipment we have, restaurant owners and management prefer Al Arz Kitchen Equipment because of its design and performance. Established in 1995, Al Arz has built its reputation on experience and technical skills in providing quality stainless steel kitchen furnishing.
 One of our achievement in keeping Al Arz products on the cutting edge of commercial cooking is its new line of products imported and introduced every year. Al Arz Ovens, Cooking Ranges, Grills, Fryers, Chillers, Food Processors, Refrigeration, Dishwashers etc are all built as per the international standard and meet the industry safety measures.
 Al Arz Consultancy and Design Division helps the restaurant management to build industrial kitchen as per their needs. With all the main activities in a restaurant take place in this most important room, it needs to have a careful thought into the planning, design and d coration of your kitchen.
 Understanding Your Needs
 Al Arz Consultancy and Design Division will start by understanding the kitchen you have right now and what your requirements are, your love in this room, what you lack in it and what change you need.
 Question & Answers
 Our think tank team will understand how would you be using your kitchen if it were different and find solutions for you. Al Arz Team ask questions and find answers and get a customized kitchen project plan based on your responses.
 Planning your Dream Kitchen
 Al Arz Design Team will go through each section of the planning guide to get the best industrial kitchen and equipments for your style and advice solution within your budget?