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Efficient Kitchen Equipment

Efficient Kitchen Equipment


Food is the mainstay of any restaurant and commercially all the kitchen equipment uses up the most energy in all of them. It consumes 30-40% of your electricity bills. With water dishwashers and exhaust added on, you are looking at a huge portion of your energy costs coming directly from the back of your restaurant. The solution is always ready to buy new equipment and choose the best kitchen equipment with energy efficiency. Ready with a replacement plan for your existing products when they stops working or when they need an up gradation. When your main kitchen equipment is not working you always know where to find and purchase the models you required. You already know where you can find what you need. The best kitchen equipment suppliers in Dubai help you fit your kitchen area with all the latest kitchen gadgets, you will be lost without.
 One of the benefits Al Arz Kitchen Equipment Trading is that the products are designed for economical energy use. Established in 1995, Al Arz Kitchen Equipment Suppliers Dubai has built its reputation on experience and technical skills in providing quality stainless steel kitchen equipment and an established kitchen design consultant.
 Taking our pride from our long list of customers and clients, Al Arz Kitchen Equipment have been a working partner in building kitchens of some of the well-known restaurants, hotels, villas and palaces in the Dubai Emirates and outside the region. Our factory is located at industrial Area No.3 in Sharjah where it is very accessible to our clients from any part of the region in the emirates.

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Safety Measures for Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

Safety Measures for Restaurant Kitchen Equipment


Restaurant kitchen equipment needs a proper safety features to keep your kitchen equipment safe and sound. Always keep in mind that when fail your inspection, it will cost you and the health department fines your restaurant. If your restaurant need to be shut down then you need to pay more to health permit reinstated. Make it safe and be sure you use best rated restaurant kitchen equipment. Check your local safety department guidelines before purchasing any kitchen equipment and avoid any complications by keeping your kitchen up to safety standards.
 Al Arz Kitchen Equipment manufactures a complete range of stainless steel furnishing according to design and
 specific needs of the customer. We have combined our talents and long years of experience in fabrication to confirm to the high standard of workmanship for customer satisfaction.
 Kitchen Safety training should be a culture of safety and awareness. A safety program is not enough as there are many issues that could arise in the kitchen area where a person must have a genuine understanding on preventing conditions. Management should speak on to employees about its safety regularly and lead by example. The training purpose is to be preventive in nature. The management of the restaurant should be very active. A strong focussed team on safety will strengthen the kitchen management as a whole. This willingness to have a safety culture in place before an outbreak begins must come from the management itself. The management should outline which are prohibited activities and must make systems in place to allow all the restaurant kitchen equipment users to understand them and comply.
 Al Arz Kitchen Equipment vision & mission is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the industrial area, universal access to research and education, full participation in culture, to drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity. To implement sustainable programs that improve access worldwide to investment, opportunity, and lifesaving services now and for future generations.?

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Innovation in Industrial Kitchen Equipment

Innovation in Industrial Kitchen Equipment


When it comes to industrial kitchen equipment in UAE, Al Arz and the word innovation are equally connected. With depth of inhouse products for industrial kitchen equipment we have, restaurant owners and management prefer Al Arz Kitchen Equipment because of its design and performance. Established in 1995, Al Arz has built its reputation on experience and technical skills in providing quality stainless steel kitchen furnishing.
 One of our achievement in keeping Al Arz products on the cutting edge of commercial cooking is its new line of products imported and introduced every year. Al Arz Ovens, Cooking Ranges, Grills, Fryers, Chillers, Food Processors, Refrigeration, Dishwashers etc are all built as per the international standard and meet the industry safety measures.
 Al Arz Consultancy and Design Division helps the restaurant management to build industrial kitchen as per their needs. With all the main activities in a restaurant take place in this most important room, it needs to have a careful thought into the planning, design and d coration of your kitchen.
 Understanding Your Needs
 Al Arz Consultancy and Design Division will start by understanding the kitchen you have right now and what your requirements are, your love in this room, what you lack in it and what change you need.
 Question & Answers
 Our think tank team will understand how would you be using your kitchen if it were different and find solutions for you. Al Arz Team ask questions and find answers and get a customized kitchen project plan based on your responses.
 Planning your Dream Kitchen
 Al Arz Design Team will go through each section of the planning guide to get the best industrial kitchen and equipments for your style and advice solution within your budget?

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